January 29, 2017

Your mission is to create a High-Performance Organization.

You have invested significant capital and resource in attracting and retaining talent; the key asset in your organization’s portfolio.

You are committed to providing a workplace culture of continuous growth so you diligently measure the performance of your enterprise, your executives and your employees. You reward your stars and you find those employees who are lagging and need further attention.

You have all the personal attributes and tools of a high performance leader, which is rare and valuable in today’s highly competitive business environment.

However, in spite of these achievements some of your executives performance is lagging behind their true potential. You give them coaching and performance improvement plans. Yet, you are frustrated over the negative impact on your bottom-line from lost productivity and in the worst case scenario the financial and human toll from the loss and replacement of talent.

I am certain that I can help you.

I am a Board Certified Internist and a Clinical Psychopharmacologist with nearly 30 years of clinical experience in helping people optimize their health, wellbeing and performance.

I do much more than simply coach executives and employees.

Einstein said if he had just one hour to save the world he would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and five minutes finding the solution. As a seasoned clinical neuroscientist I am able connect an executive’s performance to its structural underpinnings, thus defining his or her performance problem, from which I derive a solution. This is the tool in my skill-set that separates me from  all other executive coaches.

I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so please see what my clients have to say about my clinical services.

I offer my executive coaching services with strict adherence to HIPAA. I am confident that the performance outcomes of my executive coaching will speak for itself.

If I can be of service to you and your high performance organization, it would be my pleasure and privilege to serve.


Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD, MP

The Executive Whisperer at Optimal Performance, MD

Phone: (847) 999-5120

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2d11f99Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD, MP- Board Certified Internist/Master Psychopharmacologist 

With extensive training and a quarter-century of clinical experience in both Internal Medicine and Psychopharmacology combined with his inherent passion for people and problem solving Dr. Weisberg has been optimizing health, wellbeing and performance, one individual at a time since 1990.

Dr. Weisberg graduated from Rush University Medical School in 1987 where he then completed his 3-year residency training program in Internal Medicine. In 1991 Dr. Weisberg was honored to stay on at Rush to act as Chief Resident in the Department of Internal Medicine. In 1992 Dr. Weisberg founded his private practice where,  in spite of the tumult within the healthcare system, he has happily remained ever since.

Committed to being a “life-long medical student”, in 2006, Dr. Weisberg received his certification as a Master Psychopharmacologist (MP) from The Neuroscience Education Institute, Carlsbad, CA.  His unique credentials allowed Dr. Weisberg to serve as a Primary Care Neuroscience Consultant and Educator for Eli Lilly and Company, educating his primary care colleagues on the recognition and treatment of Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the primary care setting. In addition, Dr. Weisberg has maintained his Board Certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine since 1990 passing his re-certification examination in October 2014.

With his training and extensive clinical experience in Psychopharmacology,  Dr. Weisberg offers a more holistic approach to the assessment and treatment of patients than most of his Internal Medicine Colleagues. Embedded in his General Internal Medicine Practice, Dr. Weisberg is proud to offer comprehensive treatment in the following areas:

Mental Health

Weight Management

Performance Management

See what Dr. Weisberg’s patients have to say about him in

Patient Reviews

Contact Information

Optimal Performance MD

Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD,MP

4711 W. Golf Road Suite 1200

Skokie, IL. 60076

Phone (847) 999-5120 x 1


In their attempt to improve the health and productivity of their employees and cut their skyrocketing healthcare costs, rather than negotiating for better service from the healthcare system they already overpay, employers have invested millions of dollars in wellness vendors to motivate their employees to confess to their health sins on specially designed questionnaires, submit to blood tests, stand on a scale, join health clubs, eat broccoli and view stress relief videos. Much to everyone’s’ surprise, these efforts have failed. Does anybody have a new plan?

Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD, MP

Internist-Psychopharmacologist-Corporate Wellness Consultant

Founder-CEO and Personal Physician at:

Optimal Performance MD

Optimal Performance MD

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius, c.500 BC

Welcome to my medical practice. My name is Mitch Weisberg. I became a Medical Doctor in 1987, a Board Certified Internist in 1990,  and I am  proud to say that on October 31, 2014 I passed The American Board of Internal Medicine Certification Exam for the third time in as many decades. In 2006 I got certification as a Master Psychopharmacologist, which means I know more than the average doctor about how to diagnose and treat mental health disorders.

For complete disclosure, in spite of my extensive education and training I must have slept through the lecture in which doctors learn that the mind and the body are separate. As far back as I can remember I have always thought of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to be indivisible components of a single entity I like to call, a human being. According to my clinical method, a symptom is whatever my patient tells me is keeping him or her from feeling and functioning (performing) their very best (optimal). I spend my work-day helping the people I have the good fortune to call, my patients optimize their health, wellbeing and performance. Here is how I do it:

My 90-day Performance Optimization Program

Helping you to feel your best so you can do your best

Step 1

My Initial Assessment

I will only need to get to know you once, then our mission begins

What is well-being? In my opinion, there is only one way to measure it and it is not with a blood test, CAT Scan, thermometer or a blood-pressure cuff. Your well-being is exactly what you say it is. So, the first thing I am going to do when we meet is ask you, how do you feel?  Then I am going to spend about 2 hours with you listening to your answer. By the end this initial meeting, I will share with you my unified theory of why you are feeling and functioning sub-optimally. More importantly, I will offer you a realistic plan of action for optimizing your health, wellbeing and performance. Here is the Intake form I want you to print and complete in preparation for our initial meeting:

The Optimal Performance MD Performance Intake Form

Step 2

The Process of  Performance Optimization

For the next 90 days we are going to be best friends. We will be in constant contact, meeting face-to-face, FaceTiming, Skyping or talking on the phone; all the while refining and executing our mission of optimizing your health, wellbeing and performance.

Step 3

Maintaining Optimal

At the end of our the 90-day program, I offer you two options:

  • You can continue working with me and I will be your Primary Care Physician.


  • I draft a comprehensive clinical summary and have and in-depth discussion with your existing Primary Care Physician so he or she can pick up from the point where you and I leave off.

If you are ready to get started, or if you have any questions please e-mail me at or give me a call at (847) 999-5120 x 3.

Welcome to Optimal Performance MD.

Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD, MP

Internist-Psychopharmacologist-Personal Physician at:

Optimal Performance MD

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