OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE MD; Optimizing Employee Performance for High-Performance Organizations

September 6, 2016

Your mission is to create a High-Performance Organization. You have invested significant capital and resource in attracting and retaining the talent that is the key to achieving your mission. You have come a long way in monitoring your employees’ performance in order to bench mark and reward your stars and find those employees whose performance is lagging and need attention such as performance coaching or a formal performance improvement program.

In spite of your efforts, you struggle with the fact that some of your employees’ performance is suboptimal, especially when considering the true potential you are certain he or she once had. Your frustration is not only about the tremendous financial toll from your Organization’s loss and replacement of a knowledge worker, but the human toll on the employee and his or her family.

As a Board Certified Internist and a Clinical Psychopharmacologist who has dedicated his 25-year medical career to optimizing the health, wellbeing and performance of his patients, I truly understand your frustration. More importantly, I have the knowledge and the unique skill-set to help your employees optimize their performance and meet their true potential once again or possibly for the very first time.

Would this relieve your frustration?

Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD, MP

Internal Medicine-Psychopharmacology-Performance Management


Optimal Performance MD LLC


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