You Agree with each other much more than you think 

I will begin this post with a disclaimer; I am not a certified marriage counselor. Now that this is out-of-the-way, I will also declare that as an Internist and Psychopharmacologist in private practice for nearly a quarter century, I do have a seasoned understanding of human behavior, and my perspective may allow both of you to immediately declare a truce and in the long run may make you both a lot healthier, so both of you, please keep reading.

I want you to think about those things, now and in recent times, that you can’t stand about your spouse. If there are none, then please go watch television or do something else. For the rest of us that are not on our honeymoon, I guarantee you that your spouse can’t stand those same things about him or herself, but they do not realize this just yet. And by no means am I am suggesting that you come right out and tell your spouse this either. In fact, the first piece of marital advice I am going to give you, no matter who you are, is to put your relationship on hold and focus on yourself for a minute or two.

I know that at first glance, this appears as pretty radical advice from someone who is not a marriage counselor and does not even know who he is talking to. But trust me, I’m a doctor; if you have a marital problem, you have yourself a health problem. But, I don’t really expect you to just take my word for it, even if I am a doctor, so here is the rationale for my advice; I base it on that  seasoned understanding of human behavior that I may have mentioned once already. Please take a few minutes, click on the following link and fill out the form (keep it private, of course). Health and Well-being Inventory I will be here when you come back.

OK, I am not a marriage counselor and I also can lie once in a while. Sleep well. We’ll continue the exercise with my next post coming soon.

Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD

Founder/CEO/Internist/Psychopharmacologist/Personal Physician:

Optimal Performance MD

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