A Performance Driven Workplace Wellness Program

September 8, 2016

Leave the Well Enough Alone

The design of any process begins with defining its goals. Leave the Well Enough Alone will show ROI based on:

  • Improved workforce performance
  • Reduced healthcare costs

Indirect healthcare costs (lost productivity) are four times greater than direct healthcare costs. To emphasize the implications of this well-known but seldom recognized fact, the mission statement for this physician’s prescription for the new generation of performance driven workplace wellness programs is, ROI from health investment is not from cutting cost, it’s from preventing productivity lost.

To review, workplace wellness programs fail to show ROI because their design is backwards:

Screen entire workforce for health risks –> employees with health risks participate in workplace based interventions to cut their health risks –> improvement in employee health –> improvement in employee performance (reduced absenteeism and presenteeism)

As detailed in the preceding chapters, the above design is what primarily caused workplace wellness programs to fail in meeting their stated goals.

A Performance Driven Workplace Wellness Solution:

Leave the Well Enough Alone

The natural choice for the performance driven company

Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD, Founder and CEO of Optimal Performance, MD designed this workplace wellness solution exclusively for the company that views its Enterprise and Employee performance metrics as the designated driver on its path to continual performance improvement. Replacing the failed design of most other workplace wellness programs, where the employer plays doctor and the workplace becomes a clinic, Leave the Well Enough Alone breathes new life into your company’s culture of performance, transforming it into a culture of health and wellness, comparable to that of a professional sports team, in which performance becomes the natural vital sign and interface between your workplace and the healthcare providers your company has under contract.

Dr. Weisberg is an Internist and Psychopharmacologist in private medical practice since 1990. Over the course of his career, Dr. Weisberg developed his own unique clinical method by which he views his patients from a functional, or performance-b during which he developed a


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