The Workplace Performance Optimizer

March 1, 2014

The Workplace Wellness Solution for the Performance Driven Organization

Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD, is the Founder and CEO of Optimal Performance, MD. From his unique vantage point as both an Internist and Psychopharmacologist he sees workplace wellness as a potential remedy to much of what is ailing this nation’s healthcare system. Yet these programs have failed to deliver on their promise to improve an Organization’s bottom line, and Dr. Weisberg has spent the last four years seeking to understand why this is. The product of this effort is a redesigned and simplified workplace wellness solution which addresses the underlying problems causing traditional wellness programs to underperform. He calls it, The Workplace Performance Optimizer and he bases it on his clinical maxim; to get workplace wellness programs to work well, leave the well enough alone.

Dr. Weisberg views the members of our nation’s service based workforce as “knowledge athletes”, whose performance measures serve as their best vital sign. Similar to professional sports teams, The Workplace Performance Optimizer creates plans that address each employee’s performance needs by adding a clinical perspective to an Organization’s Balanced Scorecard.The most fundamental change in Dr. Weisberg’s wellness solution is that he leverages the Organization’s existing Employee Performance Metrics as the mechanism for driving participation in workplace wellness programs.  By leaving the well enough alone and focusing strictly on employees who are having performance issues ensures that the program’s improvement goals align directly with the Organization’s, and that it delivers measurable feedback on employee performance. Another change is to shift away from health and wellness care being delivered primarily by “wellness vendors”, towards aligning the healthcare professionals in the Organization’s existing network. Currently, our nation’s healthcare system in general and primary care physicians (PCPs) specifically, are essentially failing to offer employee wellness services. The reasons for this are too many to count here, but until employers insist on this changing, things will certainly stay exactly as they are. Rather than accepting the things as they are, helping employers get their money’s worth from the health care system for which they are already paying is the centerpiece of Dr. Weisberg’s workplace wellness solution. Improving use of this vital resource is the only way employers will see measurable improvements in employee performance and reductions in their healthcare costs.

By assisting employers through making these fundamental changes, Dr. Weisberg guarantees measurable improvements in employee performance to any Organization willing to adopt his wellness solution. And through more effective alignment of the Organization’s established provider network, Dr. Weisberg also guarantees his Workplace Performance Optimizer will deliver where traditional wellness programs continue to fail; cutting healthcare costs.

Dr. Weisberg is eager to meet with the stakeholders of your Organization to show his workplace wellness solution.

Call (847) 999-5120 x 3 or



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