A Clinical Approach to Optimizing Health and Performance

March 1, 2014

About Mitchell R. Weisberg MD;

Founder and CEO of Optimal Performance MD

Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD is a solo Primary Care Physician in private practice since 1990. His innate ability and passion for communicating with and helping people, combined with his personal experience in the mind-body connection from his years as a competitive high school gymnast, made becoming a physician an inevitability for Dr. Weisberg. Throughout his 25-year medical career, Dr. Weisberg has been constantly honing his own unified theory of human health he calls, The Missing Link Between Health and Performance, which is a hybrid of his two main areas of clinical interest; Internal Medicine and Neuroscience. At the same time, Dr. Weisberg created his own clinical method as well, which he calls, Performance Optimizationby which he assesses his patients’ health and well-being from a functional or a, performance perspective. For Dr. Weisberg, helping his patients get well is just the first necessary step to achieving his ultimate mission; helping his patients do well. From his performance perspective, Dr. Weisberg readily links his patients’ symptoms to the real-life challenges they are facing; and he develops comprehensive treatment strategies for his patients that, in addition to helping them feel well, also helps them to do well and perform more optimally in all aspects of their lives.

The positive feedback from his patients over his career has inspired Dr. Weisberg to scale up his successful clinical method and add Workplace Wellness-Employee Health Consultant to his list of professional credentials. Dr. Weisberg is certain that his performance-based clinical method is the missing link in our nation’s healthcare system and he sees the workplace wellness movement as the ideal venue for making his contribution to creating a healthier, happier, more productive American workforce.


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