Optimal Performance MD adds Workplace Wellness Consulting to its Menu of Services

February 8, 2014

Of all the signs one can measure, none is more vital than our performance. Whether in the vocational, academic or interpersonal setting, how we are functioning, or our performance says more about our health and well-being than any blood test, X-ray or high-tech scan can ever possibly show.

As a primary care physician in private practice for the past quarter century, my focus on my patients functional status (performance) is the one tool in my medical bag to which I attribute my success in effectively helping my patients be healthy and well. Our healthcare system, however, focuses almost entirely on disorders and health conditions that can be measured and quantified with laboratory tests and scans. While this is effective in improving patients health, it leaves far too few of them actually feeling well.

Viewing the people I have the good fortune of calling, my patients from a performance perspective, allows me to immediately link their symptoms to the real challenges they are experiencing in their daily lives. As a result of my treatments, I not only help my patients be healthy and feel better, I help them do better, or perform optimally as well.

Practicing medicine in the way I have for nearly half my life and the wonderful feedback I have received as a result has inspired me to spread my method in a way than can help as many people as I possibly can reach their optimal health, wellbeing and performance. To achieve this mission, as an extension of my private practice, I have officially thrown my hat in the ring as a Workplace Wellness Consultant. I am confident that the results that I, and the hundreds of patients I have had the pleasure of working with during my career, have achieved can be enjoyed by thousands of American employees by sharing my clinical method with the workplace wellness movement.  Here is the reason for my confidence: Patient Reviews

Thank you all for sharing your inspiring feedback.

Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD

Personal Physician and Corporate Health & Wellness Consultant at:

Optimal Performance MD


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