A Happy Anecdote to give hope for people suffering with Chronic Pain

August 12, 2013

In addition to my private practice and my corporate wellness consulting, I am the Medical Director at Spero Pain Relief Therapy of Illinois, PC in Riverwoods, Illinois. This past Friday, the brother of one of the patients that I treated there posted the following on Facebook and LinkedIn. I thought it was worth sharing here:

Tom LeClair: My sister, Astrid-Nanci LeClair Nedweski, completed her chemotherapy a few weeks ago – but not before the peripheral neuropathy showed up. Imagine your hands and feet tingling/burning and feeling like they are asleep and restless … all at the same time. Yeah, like that, only WAY worse. But that wasn’t as bad as the deep, mind-bending pain in her long bones and joints caused by the shot given after each chemo treatment to stimulate the production of White Blood Cells needed to help stave off any new infection(s) since her body’s immune system is suppressed due to the chemo. Pain. Lots of Pain! BUT,

Ever since Nanci’s first session at the Riverwoods location of SperoTherapyIllinois.com (Spero Pain Therapy Clinic) a week ago Monday, her pain has lessened after each 45 minute treatment. So much so, she’s been able to return to work for a few hours a day after her treatment. Can you say AWESOME? Imagine not having to take more pills (which may have some negative interaction with existing medications) and your pain becomes a thing of the past. If you have been “living with” chronic pain and your doctor’s have told you there’s nothing else they can do for you – call the Spero Clinic (847) 520-7111 and ask for Norman Black or Renee Hanson. Tell them Tom LeClair sent you. Once you meet Dr. Weisberg, Spero’s Medical Director, your spirit will be renewed and faith in medical possibilities restored ~ and that’s BEFORE you even have a treatment session. I’m Tom LeClair, and I approve this message. BTW, I am not a paid spokesman for Spero – I am a fierce advocate for my sister, Nanci, and anyone else who’s life has been devastated by chronic pain. BELIEVE!

via Facebook.


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